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Product Support

If you need a download link, refund, or have a login/lost password issue, please include: product name, a copy of your receipt or your PayPal email address, and any error message your encountered. For refunds, please include the reason for your request. For login/password issues, be sure to include your username. This will help us resolve your issue much faster!

Internet Marketing Questions

I don't offer email consulting, or answer business/marketing questions by email. I do have a discussion forum where you can get fast answers though, and I check in there daily. The Main Internet Marketing forum is free and open to the public. The link is: http://www.clicknewz.com/members/
It's a great community. Join us - I'd love to see you there!

I also have a lot of tutorials & topics already covered at my
Internet Marketing Blog. Use the Archives Tab or search box at the top right to find specific topics & answers. You can submit questions & comments on specific posts for a personal response.

If you can ask your question in 140 characters or less, tweet me @LynnTerry and I'll answer you right away! ;)

Interview Requests

I am happy to do text interviews, as well as: audio, teleseminar, webinar & podcast. For text interviews, please send the interview questions along with URL where the interview will be published. For audio interviews, include talking points (interview questions) and date/time options. I require a copy of the recording, following the Interview, to share with Elite Members inside my private forum.

Note: I generally don't do gender specific interviews, such as "for women by women", "work at home mom", etc.


I'm open to discussing Advertising & Sponsorship opportunities on my sites, blogs, podcasts, etc. Include as much detail as possible: banner/graphic to display, URL, target market, product/site details.

You might also consider a Featured Blog Post.
See Option #2:

JV/Affiliate Proposals

Keep it brief so that I can scan over it and see if it's a good fit. Bullet points are great! I tend to get a lot of proposals that could pass as a short book (lol) and it makes it difficult with the number of requests I receive.

Include commission rate, sign-up link, target market, download link for review, and any other necessary details.

Guest Blogging

I welcome guest blogging opportunities! If you would like for me to write a guest post for your blog, please include: blog URL, topic suggestions and any specific requirements.

If you would like to submit a guest post for ClickNewz.com, please include the post with your message as plain text. Also add your brief bio, and a link to your headshot or any images to be used in the post. All guests posts are reviewed and considered, and you'll receive a response either way.

I do require exclusive reprint rights, and that the post be unique content. If I choose not to publish it on ClickNewz, I will reply and let you know so that you can publish it elsewhere.

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